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I ordered a gift box for my grandson’s birthday this year, because I could not be there in person to celebrate with him. The box was delivered on time and was wrapped nicely with a ribbon and a personalised card.

Thank you for the amazing service!

Angela | Sevilla


Our Tapas Boxes

Elevate your gatherings with our authentic tapas gift boxes. Packed with Spanish delicacies like beef, cheese, artisan bread, olives, and classic tapas, each box is a chic ensemble of flavor.

Carefully prepared for a flawless arrival, it’s the ultimate way to share moments with loved ones.

Our Wellness Boxes

Experience the magic of our carefully curated wellness gift boxes, designed to pamper and surprise your loved ones. Imagine your mother enjoying a day of relaxation with these thoughtful self-care items.

Inside, discover the delights of fragrant bath bombs for a soothing soak and a variety of premium haircare products for a revitalizing cleanse. Treat your skin to a nourishing face mask, infused with essential vitamins for a radiant glow.

As the boxes are opened, the element of surprise shines through, a testament to your thoughtful gift choice. Your gesture speaks volumes, offering a moment of blissful serenity and care.

Our Snack Boxes

Do you sense the need for a comforting evening in? Our gifts cater to the sweet lover, perfect for those delightful surprises. Take our beloved ‘Movie Night’ gift box, a delightful ensemble of popcorn, savory treats, and sweets – everything you need for a cozy couch date, enjoying a film together.

Indulge in the knowledge that a combination of sweets and savory delights can uplift any moment, a truth we can never deny!

Our Vega Boxes

If you are one of the people who likes to share healthy food, we have created a variety of gift boxes full of delicious goods and snacks. These gifts are an easy way to discover new and healthy food. Every vegetarian box will come along with some tasty bites of VitaSnack. It’s a perfect present for people with a vegetarian or saludable lifestyle.

Planeta Detalles is a company led by two super creative people who really care about the little things and love making people happy!

We absolutely love creating gifts and surprises. We’ve put together a bunch of gift boxes with cool stuff from Spain and around the world, all made specially for you and your loved ones!

Hélène & Johanna

If you want to surprise a special person with a personalized gift, let us know and we will take care of it.    

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