Basketball Box

If you know a basketball fan this is the perfect box for you. For both occasions to watch a game or to play basketball yourself. This box will come along with a bag to put your clothes in, a drinking bottle and a sweatband, all handy equipment to take with you. Also there are some great snacks, which are sweet and salty to enjoy during a game!!

Get ready for hours of basketball fun, scrumptious treats, and memorable moments with friends and family. Whether you’re playing, watching, or simply enjoying the basketball spirit, the ‘Basketball Fan’ gift box has everything you need to make the experience truly special.


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Get ready to play basketball and enjoy our ‘Basketball Fan’ gift box with friends and family!

This box contains:

Basketball backpack

Mini basketball basket

Absorbent towel in bottle

Matchballs cheese

Memo pad

Shoco bolas

Fruit mentos 2 unites

Mister Corn

Microwave popcorn popitas

Oil olives

Refreshing drink sunny

Puntazos corn

Pencil with basker eraser

Note: Some individual items may differ from photos, similar products will be provided.

This box originates from Spain


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