Flowers box

A beautiful and delicate gift that will brighten your loved one’s day, it is ideal to thank and celebrate a special occasion. It is a refreshing, harmonious and natural gift, these dried flowers accompanied by some delicious chocolates will not leave anyone indifferent.

Crafted from 100% natural flowers, this bouquet captures the essence of wild blooms in their prime. With their intricate textures and captivating hues, these dried flowers stand as a testament to nature’s artistic prowess. Their endurance ensures that your thoughtful gesture will be cherished for an extended period, maintaining their flawless condition with minimal care required.

As an added delight, this bouquet is accompanied by a selection of delectable chocolates, enhancing the joy of receiving this thoughtful gift.


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This exquisite bouquet of dried flowers:








Among others. It is designed with a beautiful selection of 100% natural flowers. A beautiful bouquet that reminds us of wild flowers full of scent and charm, they are perfect as gifts because they will last in perfect condition with a few simple care, it is accompanied by chocolates, it is an ideal gift that will surprise a friend or loved one.


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