Paella Box

Embark on a culinary journey with your loved ones and savor the essence of Spain’s iconic dish, paella! This carefully crafted assortment is designed to elevate your cooking experience and transport you to the heart of Spanish cuisine.

Unveil the essence of Spain as you prepare and enjoy paella with the Paella Box. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, this box is your gateway to creating cherished memories and indulging in the rich tapestry of Spanish culture. Originating from the heart of Spain, this box invites you to savor every moment and share the joy of paella with friends and family. Oleeee!!!


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Enjoy our ‘Paella box’ with friends and family!

This box contains:

The recipe for a delicious paella

A apron with the quote

A paella pan enamelled 26CM

Bomba rice (Fallera)


Olive oil virgen extra

Paella seasoning with Saffron

Note: Some individual items may differ from photos, similar products will be provided.

This box originates from Spain

1 review for Paella Box

  1. Marcela Morelo

    La paellera no funciona en cocinas de induccion

    • Helene

      Hola Marcela:
      Gracias por tu comentario, en las indicaciones de nuestro proveedor nos garantiza que el uso de inducción si funciona, la hemos probado y ha servido, recuerde que no se puede someter a cambios bruscos de temperatura, o dejar vacío el recipiente para calentarlo, son recomendaciones que aparecen con el producto. Sentimos que algo fuera de esto le haya ocurrido.

      Un saludo

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