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A personalized wine set can be the ideal detail for a celebration, a thank you or simply a gift for a special person, it can be personalized with a name or an important date.

This set includes a fine wine called Matarromera:
Grape: 12 months of aging in barrels. between the maturity of the fruit and its aging in barrels. Wood: remains in selected French oak barrels and American, fine-grained and lightly toasted, to respect the maximum expression of the fruit. Aromas of ripe black fruit and soft spices of rosemary and cloves. It is tasty, intense and very long lasting.


Add some text here for your greeting card. We will print it on a nice card and add it to your gift.


Elegant premium wine set finished in personalized bamboo wood:

Matarromera crianza wine included
capsule cutter
drip catcher
2 coasters with opener

Presented in an individual bamboo wooden case, with an interior compartment for a bottle of wine. Measurements: 36 x 12 x 11 cm


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