Sushi Kit

Welcome to the world of sushi, where precision meets flavor and creativity has no limits. Unpack this kit and embark on a culinary adventure to create the most delicious sushi rolls right in your own kitchen!


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This box is equipped with all the essentials to help you craft delectable sushi in the comfort of your own kitchen. Whether you’re a sushi expert or a beginner, our kit makes it easy to make your own sushi rolls. It contains :


  • Sushi rice: the base for your sushi creation. ideal texture and flavor.
  • Nori: these crispy sheets of seaweed, known as nori in sushi, serve as the “wrapper” for your sushi rolls, imparting that classic oceanic taste while holding everything together.
  • Soy Sauce: Dip your sushi rolls in this savory, authentic Japanese sauce.
  • Sushi maker kit designed to assist you in crafting perfect rolls and comes complete with a stunning natural bamboo set consisting of 5 essential pieces.
  • Bowl.


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