Taste of Mexico

Explore the vibrant flavors and cultural richness of Mexico with our exclusive “Taste of Mexico” gift box!

Do you have that intense craving for Mexican food? Look no further than this exciting snack box filled with spicy and delicious treats that will allow you to experience the food culture of Mexico. This box includes a delicious recipe for Mexican tacos, guacamole and hot sauce Picante. It also comes with an apron so you can be the perfect cook and remember to “say yes to new adventures!!!”

Unwrap the “Taste of Mexico” gift box and embrace the flavors, colors and traditions of Mexico in your own home. Whether you’re an avid food enthusiast or a curious explorer, this box encapsulates the heart and soul of Mexican cuisine and culture, offering an unforgettable sensory experience.



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Enjoy our ‘Taste of Mexico’ gift box with friends and family!

This box contains:

Olives Let´s go
Banderos 12 Tacos shells
Corn fajitas Buscalios
Trikers Cheese
Tapeo Mexicano
Guacamole spice mix
Burrito seasoning
Tacos seasoning
Tortillas Chips (Nachos)
Apron with phrase
Hot sauce Picante
Recipe Tacos
Mini wheat tortillas 8 units


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